A life-sized replica of Shakespeare’s iconic Globe Theatre is touring the southern hemisphere with a residency in Perth, Australia.

Performers on stage in Perth.jpg
The audience enjoying As You Like It ©Jay Wennington/Pop-up Globe

Pop-up Globe is the world’s first full-scale temporary replica of the London theatre made famous by William Shakespeare in the 17th century. What began life as a one-off spectacular in Auckland in 2016 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, has since hosted an audience of 550,000 performing the legendary Jacobean writer’s classics in a three-story, 16-sided, 900-person capacity theatre using cutting-edge scaffold technology with a 400-year-old design. Today, a 21st century audience can experience old world theatre within a standing pit or tiered seating never more than 15 metres from the centre of the action on stage. 

the exterior of the theatre.jpg
The Pop-up Globe theatre ©Jay Wennington/Pop-up Globe

“Shakespeare performed in the space it was written for is a completely unique experience,” says Pop-up Globe’s founder and artistic director, Dr Miles Gregory. “This isn’t dusty old Shakespeare – it is bawdy, hilarious, brutal and blood-soaked. This is Shakespeare alive, like a party. The space itself, together with the power of Shakespeare’s work, means attending plays at Pop-up Globe is totally different from anything you’ve seen before.”

Cast on stage receiving applause.jpg
The cast of Much Ado About Nothing enjoy the audience's reaction ©Pop-up Globe

During this new festival run, some of the Bards most loved classics will be performed: Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream, Measure for Measure, and Twelfth Night complete with 450 bespoke period costumes, special effects and stunning sets. It is another cultural first for the increasingly-artistic capital of Perth, Western Australia, a region currently topping Lonely Planet’s Best Asia Pacific List that named Margaret River and south-western Australia as its number-one destination to visit in 2019.

Shows run daily from 5 October 2019 with tickets available here and via Ticketmaster.  

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