The open road has called to countless people all over the world for generations, with the sense of freedom and adventure proving an ever-exciting draw. And now, one company is bringing the concept of hitting the highway into the future, with a sleek and angular teardrop trailer that is sure to spark some serious wanderlust.

The Polydrop trailer is lightweight and portable.
The Polydrop trailer is lightweight and portable.

Created by architectural designer Kyung-Hyun Lew, the Polydrop trailer was inspired by his dream of having a portable space to call his own, with the first prototype coming out in 2017. 100% handmade, the lightweight trailer allowed Kyung-Hyun to travel with it attached to his wife's small car for one year. It proved popular during that time, with many people approaching Kyung-Hyun to ask about it. This served as the inspiration for the company, with the project growing from a single prototype to a business.

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The trailer has a three-quarter size mattress that can sleep two people.

“What I’ve designed is not a camping trailer. It is a portable private space that you can travel with. My wife and I not only used to use this trailer for traveling, but also we use it as a personal studying space in parking lots and a micro-office. When we look back, the happiest moment of building this trailer was that we finally have our own space to let us be free to leave whenever we wanted, not merely camping in comfort,” Kyung-Hyun told Lonely Planet Travel News.

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The concept for the design came to creator Kyung-Hyun Lew when he began searching for a portable personal space.

The newest version weighs only 760 lbs, and is made from an aluminium frame. It comes with an independent suspension and hydraulic disc brakes for safety, and inside, the wooden cabin can fit a three-quarter size mattress (suitable for two adults) and storage space. The electronic system is powered by a 100 watt solar panel as well as a power inlet on the left side of the body for heating and lighting.

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The design is eco-friendly, and utilises solar panels for energy.

The Polydrop trailer starts at US$9000 (€7926), and according to Kyung-Hyun, the company is looking at renting units out in the Los Angeles area.

More information is available at the official Polydrops website.

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