Forget scrambling around in a hotel minibar for that small bottle of wine. A new futuristic invention has been created for hotels that serves guests the perfect glass of wine in style.

Plum wine machine
Plum's machine can identify over 200 types of wine to determine the best temperature at which to store each bottle.

Launched by Plum, the machine automatically preserves, chills and serves wine by the glass, and is the first ever system that allows hotels to offer the in-room service on demand. Guests can choose from two bottles of wine specially selected by the hotel, using an integrated touchscreen and audio interface in order a drink, and the machine’s system automatically bills guests, as well as alerting housekeeping when it is time to replace an empty bottle.

Travel News - plum_open
Hotels can offer special reserves or seasonal bottles upon request.

The sleek, futuristic design includes a moulded brushed stainless steel shell, and the machine can automatically open new bottles that are places inside it, meaning that specially selected bottles such as reserves and seasonal specialities can be offered throughout the year. Each bottle is preserved at a perfect temperature for up to 90 days, with the technology being able to automatically identify up to 220 varieties of wine to see the best possible conditions for storage. The machine also features a special virtual tasting room, the gives notes and information on the wine before a purchase is made.

Travel News - plum-in-kitchen
The machine automatically alerts housekeeping when a new bottle is required.

"The hotel in-room wine experience has remained largely unchanged for nearly 50 years. Meanwhile, guest preferences have changed dramatically. Business travellers want to enjoy a glass of wine while they catch up on email or watch TV in the privacy of their room. Leisure travellers want to be able to take advantage of a resort property by enjoying a sunset on the balcony," said David Koretz, founder and CEO of Plum. "Plum enables guests to enjoy these moments at the touch of a button, and in the privacy of their room."

More information on Plum is available at the official website.

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