As the social network, Pinterest, allows users to visually share and discover new interests, it is unsurprising that so many people use it for travel inspiration. With that in mind, Pinterest has revealed its top travel trends for 2019, based on searches made by its users. The results reveal some surprising points of interest for aspiring travellers.

Travel News - Pinterest
Pinterest has revealed its top travel trends for 2019. Image: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Bus travel

Searches for bus travel are up 32%. Whether it’s a one-day tour or getting from Caracas to Patagonia, thrifty travellers are boarding the bus.

Hot springs

Searches for hot springs are up 32%, from high-end resorts to ones out in nature, as people are finding restoration and relaxation in their soothing waters.

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The hot waters of Blue Lagoon, a geothermal bath resort. Image: Roberto La Rosa/Shutterstock

Abandoned castles

Searches for abandoned castles are up 142%, as travellers are skipping the lines at popular attractions and seeking out divine, derelict and dilapidated castles.

Less-travelled islands

Searches for less-travelled islands are up 179%. People are diverting to less obvious islands for that rare 'pura vida' experience.

Bike tours

Searches for bike tours are up 64% as both enthusiasts and casual pedallers are cycling around to see the sights.

Travel News - Mountain bike rider with Garda lake in the background. Trentino Alto Adige. Italy. Europe
Searches for bike tours are up 64% on Pinterest.

Surprise destination

Searches for surprise destinations are up 42%. Some travellers like to gather a group of friends, clear their calendars and keep schtum on the endpoint.

Small town travel

Searches for out-of-the-way towns are up are up 42%. People are seeking out small towns for their lively views, unique B&Bs and low-key hospitality.

Zero waste travel

Searches for zero waste travel are up 74% as travellers opt for strategic and sustainable packing, dining and even accommodation.

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Searches for autumn getaways are up 94% on Pinterest. Image: Shi Zheng/EyeEm

Autumn scenery

Searches for autumn getaways are up 94%, and Pinterest says it's no wonder with the attractions of sipping on hot cider and stomping on autumn leaves.

Rio de Janeiro

Searches for Rio de Janeiro are up 142%. The Summer Olympics may be over, but Rio’s still got the sand, the city and the carnival.

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