Recently, it was announced by the Philadelphia City Council that for the remainder of the year, the metropolis' famous moniker of “The City of Brotherly Love” would be changing to “The City of Sisterly Love” in honor of it being 100 years since the ratification of the 19th amendment to the United States constitution that recognized women’s suffrage. Now, Visit Philadelphia has teamed up with an artist to find a colorful way to promote the city as the perfect place for women to explore.

Artist Amberella creating her art on the walls © Visit Philadelphia

Visit Philadelphia launched the campaign with photographs of street art created in New York and Philadelphia by mixed-media artist Amberella. The theme of the project is love, with heart motifs emblazoned with positive messages made to encourage visitation. Amberella will adorn selected neighborhoods with the artwork that says things like, “Let’s escape”, “Philly got heart”, “Come through as you”, and “Philly is sisterly love”.

Visit Philadelphia Heart
The campaign has been launched to encourage female visitors to Philadelphia © Visit Philadelphia

The hearts are due to be in place from one to four weeks (including Valentine’s day) and will be visible on walls and phone booths in locations that include West 30th Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway in Chelsea, Manhattan 1140 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, and Brooklyn 379 Jefferson Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The hearts will also be recreated as posters and phone booth advertisements throughout New York City in February, as well as appearing in Philadelphia at Cherry Street Pier and Love City Brewing. 

Phill got heart
The public artwork will be on display for one to four weeks © Visit Philadelphia

“Philly is my number one. My hearts have become a Philly thing that I take all over the country. I’ve always felt that sense of sisterhood [here]. You can walk down the street and feel like every woman is your sister. When women learn about this citywide initiative, they’re really going to feel it,” artist Amberella said.

The hearts are all part of a large tourism campaign created to market Philadelphia as an interesting location for female travelers to visit over the next year.

More information is available at the official Visit Philadelphia website.

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