For countless people around the world, pets are fully-fledged members of the family, so it only seems fitting that they should be able to travel in comfort and in style like the rest of us. Last year, a company called Spruce launched an innovative foldable dog bed that allows your favourite pooch to be contented while on a trip

Spruce's dog bed folded up
The dog bed is lightweight and foldable © Spruce

Spruce has just celebrated its one-year anniversary, and so far, their product has proven to be a big hit. The lightweight, durable dog bed has been designed for indoor and outdoor use, and can be packed with a dog’s leash, toys, food and water bottles for easy commutes to offices, hotels or guesthouses. It features a design that sees it being folded in half with a zip that closes it, and the company describes it as “a suitcase for dogs”. The outer case is made from luggage materials to ensure it withstands any type of adventures while being convenient. It has machine washable sheets, memory foam, stash pockets, and curl up bolsters. 

The beds can keep toys and accessories inside it before being folded up © Spruce
The beds can keep toys and accessories inside it before being folded up © Spruce

"My wife Leah and I take our pups everywhere with us, camping, barbecues, holiday travels, and we got frustrated with bringing all of their food, blankets, toys and beds. While I was loading up the car for our next trip, I started brainstorming about a bed that you could toss everything into, zip it up, and hit the road. Leah and I own a product design consultancy, so we got to work sewing in our studio. After testing out a few prototypes with our own pups, we engaged a luggage factory to produce the beds for us, so they're made with all the same materials as travel gear, designed to hold up to use and abuse!” Elijah Wiegmann, co-founder of Spruce told Lonely Planet.

The large bed folded up © Spruce
The large bed folded up © Spruce

A year on, Elijah says the response has been amazing. The product was first launched on Indiegogo, reaching its target goal in just 24 hours. Since then, customers have taken the beds on countless road trips, on European vacations and anywhere else they want their pup to have a comfortable home while travelling.

The Spruce Travel Dog Bed retails for US$169 (€198)-US$229 (€269) in sizes small, medium and large. Recycled Rope Dog Leashes are available for US$25 (€30) as well as a variety of Spruce apparel. 

More information on the travel bed is available from the official Spruce website.

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