If you fancy the idea of owning part of the ruins of an ancient castle in France, shares of Château de Vibrac in Charente are available for a limited time.

The ruins of Chateau de Vibrac in France
Shares in Château de Vibrac in France are available © Dartagnans

The crumbling 13th-century fortress was once home to medieval French nobility, and its 12-acre estate is located in the region of Cognac, famous for its brandy. The collective purchase is being offered by heritage preservation company, Dartagnans, and nonprofit restoration association, Adopte un Chateau. Shares are being offered for €50 (€55.60), and those who buy them get lifetime access to the château and a plot of the garden bearing their name.

They will also be able to follow the progress of the restoration works and attend events held on the premises. The fort was erected by Hugues de Montchaude on the estate around the 14th century, and it was transformed into a fully-fledged castle during the 15th century. During the Revolution, the castle was almost entirely rebuilt, and the old castle was gradually deconstructed to make way for a residence that dominated the land. The project aims to restore the castle to its former glory.

The remains of Chateau de Vibrac in France
The crumbling 13th-century fortress was once home to medieval French nobility © Dartagnans

There are plans to grow organic produce in the castle's fertile grounds, and it is hoped eco-friendly cabins will be places in the grounds for guests to enjoy. For further information, please see here.

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