Travelling with pets can be stressful, especially when air travel is concerned, whether it’s the whole lengthy process of getting through security on time, or making sure you have all the proper documentation in order. One thing that has been improving steadily in recent times however is technology and services aimed at providing a level of comfort and safety to your furry friends. One such example is Osaka International Airport’s new pet relief area, the first of its kind in Japan that even has a self-cleaning “pee-pole”.

Osaka International Airport now has a dog relief area © Kansai Airports
Osaka International Airport now has a dog relief area © Kansai Airports

Announced recently by Kansai Airports, the Osaka International Airport (ITAMI) pet relief area is a dedicated dog-toilet that is located in the building’s pick-up and drop-off area. It has been specially designed to allow your favourite pooch to take a private moment to themselves before boarding. According to the airport, the area was created in an effort to help reduce the stress felt by pets to improve the convenience for owners. 

The area is open to the general public to access between the hours of 5.30am and 10pm, and the facilities include a pee pole with washing functions, a waste flushing system, a shower, a freshwater drinking area and a bench to sit down and relax at.

Dog Toilet Japan
The area has fresh water, showers, a bench and self-cleaning pee poles © Kansai Airports

Meanwhile, service dogs are allowed to use the accessible toilet near the pet relief area, along with ones that are in the terminal. Restrooms of this kind were newly installed last December, and are indicated with an assistant dog symbol. According to the airport, in order to use the toilets accessible to service dogs, owners must prepare pee pads for them. The toilets are also equipped with a communication system.

Companies have been paying more and more attention to how people around the world travel with their pets, working to provide unique experiences such as luxury in-flight meals for animals and pet-centric accommodation offers.

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