The Orient Express has been solidified in many people’s minds as a cultural icon, thanks to the many books and films that depict the glamorous and exciting experience of riding the rails on a long journey to exotic lands. Now, a hotel inspired by that very spirit is set to open in Bangkok.

Orient Express Wagon Bar.jpg
The Wagon Bar will make guests feel as if they've been transported back in time © Orient Express Hotel Bangkok

Originally launched in 1883 by Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL), the Orient Express was an exclusive luxury sleeper train renowned for its sophisticated style. While several routes have operated under the name, including Belmond’s stunning new Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express that recently announced three new suites, the last true Orient Express travelled from Paris to Istanbul in 1977. The company that currently holds the rights to the name is reportedly looking into whether the original trains can be restored with a view to renewing operation. Decades after the last train disembarked however, the Orient Express is returning in 2020, this time as a hotel.

The hotel is located inside Bangkok's tallest building © Orient Express Hotel Bangkok, the King Power MahaNakhon © Orient Express Hotel Bangkok

Launched through a partnership with Accor and the King Power MahaNakhon, a mixed use skyscraper in Bangkok, the hotel will supposedly recall both the rich history and the intrigue of its former namesake, providing a luxury five-star experience to guests. The hotel has been imagined by international design firm Wilson Associates, and incorporates Art Deco flourishes from the original train cars into the ultra-modern setting of the city’s tallest building.

The hotel will be finished with shadowy greens, deep blues and soft caramels, incorporating woven leathers, dark wood and antique brass, all chosen to create a feeling of timeless, dramatic luxury. Once complete, the hotel will feature 154 rooms, including nine suites and two penthouses, six food and beverage offerings, as well as a wellness floor with an outdoor pool and a spa. Upon entry uniformed staff will guide guests down a dark corridor where antique lifts will bring them to the hotel.

The hotel will be finished with classic luxury touched © Orient Express Hotel Bangkok

According to Accor, the Orient Express Bangkok is the first of ten planned hotels to be built under the name. More information and updates will be available through the official website.

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