Every major city in the world has its own sights and wonders that make them unique in the eyes of the people that visit them and love them. Smell also plays an important role in how we remember a city once we’ve left, and New York-based perfumery Le Labo is very well aware of it. So much, in fact, that they have a whole collection dedicated to cities, and it’ll become available worldwide soon.

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Le Labo perfumery is based in New York City, and the city obviously features as one of the City Exclusives fragrances. Photo by Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/Shutterstock

The “City Exclusives” collection consists of eleven different scents, each dedicated to a different city. The “incensy and woody” notes of Vanille 44 are inspired by the streets and boulevards of Paris; Gaiac 10’s cedar fragrance will remind you of the unique city that is Tokyo; the moment when Anna Karenina meets Count Vronsky in a Moscow station is crystallized in Benjoin 19, a perfume with olibanum and amber notes.

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City Exclusives comprises eleven scents. Photo courtesy of Le Labo Fragrances

Up until now, the eleven “City Exclusives” fragrances have stayed true to what their name suggests and could only be purchased in the city they were dedicated to. New York-inspired Tubereuse 40 could only be found in Le Labo’s Brooklyn and Manhattan stores, Poivre 23 in the London shops, Cuir 28 under the sun of Dubai.

Downtown Los Angeles. Getty Images

On 1 September, though, the company is making all eleven perfumes available in stores worldwide and online for a month, so you’ll be able to travel to your favorite city even without actually physically being there. To mark the release, sample sizes for each scent are also available until the end of September. And if you’re not sure yet of just what city you’d love to smell like, you can order a Discovery Set, which contains five of Le Labo’s most beloved fragrances: Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris, Los Angeles and New York City.

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If you're unsure of what scent you'd like, you can try the Discovery Set. Photo courtesy of Le Labo Fragrances

Here’s a round-up of all scents available: Gaiac 10 (Tokyo); Vanille 44 (Paris); Tubereuse 40 (New York City); Mousse de Chene 30 (Amsterdam); Poivre 23 (London); Musc 25 (Los Angeles); Aldehyde 44 (Dallas); Limette 37 (San Francisco); Baie Rose 26 (Chicago); Cuir 28 (Dubai); Benjoin 19 (Moscow).

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The capital of the Netherlands is also part of the City Exclusives fragrances. Photo by Will Salter/Lonely Planet

If you want to try some of the fragrances or just get more info on what exactly makes up your favorite city’s scent, you can visit Le Labo’s official website here.

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