A travel-loving Belgian couple has created a website and blog specially dedicated to sharing tips for naturist wanderers, sharing information and stories based on their own experiences in an effort to promote open discussion on the subject.


Launched in 2016 by Nick and Lins, who are both in their 30s, the idea for Naked Wanderings came to the couple after they went on a camping trip through France and Italy and noticed an age gap between them and other naturists. “It occurred to us that many times, we were the youngest visitors by far. Not that we have anything against all age differences, but we started wondering, what keeps young people away from naturism?” Nick and Lins said.  That question led them on a mission to share their research and knowledge of the life with other people that may be interested in it.


“We are real travel addicts. We used to do it several times a year and at the moment we’re travelling full-time. Sometimes to far-off places and sometimes as close as our own backyard. Our curiosity has gotten us into so many great adventures and has given us so many good memories that it’s safe to say that we have the best addiction in the world. Going naked gives you a feeling of freedom, of liberty. Both physical (in places where you don't need clothing to protect you from the elements of from getting hurt, clothes are really unnecessary) and mental, with dropping your clothes you also drop some of your sorrows and your stress and you enjoy the moment better,” Nick and Lins said.


As well as offering a wealth of information on what it is like to be a nudist and answering questions about the topic such as Dos and Don’ts on nudist beaches, finding the best spots, and taking a “nakation” on a budget, Naked Wanderings shares their experience with nudist locations that they have visited, including beaches, campgrounds, resorts and spas in countries such as Greece, Malta and Croatia. In total, the couple has visited approximately 50 countries around the world.


The website also features more voices from the community, and has a section entitled The Naturist Talks with interviews with nudists in Ireland, USA, Russia, Indonesia, India, Sweden, Tanzania and further afield. Nic and Lins plan on travelling through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas next, blogging about their adventure along the way.

More information on Nick and Lins’ travels is available at the Naked Wanderings website.

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