With millions around the world practicing self-isolation, it’s no wonder nature-starved travelers are turning to digital options to get their fix. In between wildlife cams and virtual tours, one ecotourism company is sowing the seeds for future trips, hosting an array of educational programming – all for free. 

An adult and a young three-toed-sloth in a tree
Natural Habitat Adventure's Daily Dose of Nature makes the expertise of the company's tour guides available to the general public for free © Ben Hulsey

With new instalments released every weekday at 1:00 p.m Mountain Time, Natural Habitat Adventures’s ​​Daily Dose of Nature series taps the expertise of the tour company’s 150-plus naturalist guides​ to bring reports from the field, conservation updates, animal insights, nature photography ​tips, and more to couch-bound explorers.

A lone wolf looks out from the trees
Webinars have included nature photography lessons, instructions on how to build a backyard wildlife habitat, and more © Ray Doan

So far, sessions have included nature photography lessons from naturalist Court Whelan, lectures on bears and Borneo from expert Brad Josephs, and a class on how to build a wildlife habitat right in your own backyard​.​ Yellowstone National Park was seen from a female perspective as Annie Van Dinther and Sophie Mazowita introduced the history of the women involved with the park’s conservation efforts over the years, from the first full-time female park ranger in the US National Park System to the first woman park naturalist, who wrote a field guide to the park’s plants in the ‘30s that’s still referenced today.

A black bear sitting in a tree
Last week's schedule included a lecture from expert Brad Josephs on why people love bears © Court Whelan

This week, school is back in session with courses titled 40 Tons of Delight: The Great Gray Whale, a three-part series that delves into the gray whale’s time in Baja, where the giant mammals migrate annually to mate and birth their calves; Madagascar: A Journey to the Eighth Continent, which presents “the unusual animals and plants of the world’s fourth-largest island, more than 80% of which are found nowhere else,” including more than 100 varieties of lemurs; and Crossing Africa’s Okavango Delta on Foot, which features stories and images from an 80-mile, six-day walking safari in the Botswana wilderness. 

Yellowstone CK at sunset
This week's schedule includes an introduction to Yellowstone, as seen through the eyes of notable female conservationists  © Sean Beckett

While viewers are encouraged to register and tune in every day, each debut is available to watch later from the library as well. The conservation-minded company has dozens of webinars on its site, spanning destinations from Antarctica to Africa and including deep dives into India’s tiger territory, rhinos in Nepal, and the wild panda habitats of China. 

To watch past seminars and register for new ones, visit nathab.com/webinars.

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