Tiny houses come in all shapes and (tiny) sizes but the most impressive are ones that combine all the features of a cosy home with the benefits of a travel trailer into one cohesive unit.

Travel News - Mint Tiny House Company
Napa Tiny House is the latest design from Mint Tiny House Company.

Mint Tiny House Company is a Vancouver-based tiny house design company that has been transforming recreational vehicles into stylish micro-dwellings since early 2014. It doesn't seem that long but, in that time, the team has managed to complete over 100 tiny house builds and is now one of the largest tiny house manufacturers in the north-west.

The company's customisable abodes are extremely versatile and can be used as backyard guesthouses, holiday rentals that can be hitched to trailers or even repurposed as downsized homes.

Travel News - Mint Tiny House Company
The space can be fitted with stylish interiors.

The latest addition to the fleet is Napa Tiny House, a chic dwelling that looks like the kind of high-end space you'd expect to find in a California wine country boutique guesthouse. It's fully equipped with modern home comforts from a roomy sleeping loft, that's big enough to fit a double bed, to a spare loft that can be used as a second bedroom or even an office space.

Travel News - Mint Tiny House Company
The sleeping loft.

It also houses a fully-fitted kitchen and bathroom, complete with shower and traditional flush toilet. Storage space doesn't seem to be an issue as there are closets in the lofts and under the staircase. While standout design features include fancy Moen faucets and butcher block veneer countertops.

Travel News - Mint Tiny House Company
Fully-equipped bathroom.

Each Napa Tiny House has a painted white or natural pine panelling interior with a rustic stained ten-foot-high ceiling and accents. Big windows light up the interior, while the exterior is protected with cedar lap siding and metal roofing.

Travel News - Mint Tiny House Company
The Napa Tiny House can be hitched to a trailer.

This bespoke travel home comes in two sizes: a 22ft (C$79,550/ US$60,859) and a 26ft model (C$85,070 / US$65,082).

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