In the latest addition to the Instagram-focused pop-ups that are spreading across the US, New York City will soon be serving up picture-perfect backdrops of cheesy goodness at the Museum of Pizza.

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The Museum of Pizza is coming to New York.

Much like the Museum of Ice Cream, the pop-up has selected a food with such mass popularity that it’s sure to pique the interest of those who live for Instagram-worthy food photos. According to a statement from Kareen Rahma, CEO of Nameless Network and the founder of the Museum of Pizza: "Pizza is more than a food—it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends geography and language. With the Museum of Pizza, we’re combining our passion for storytelling and pop culture to fuel discovery, friendship, art, music, and selfies. Lots of selfies."

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The Museum of Pizza is coming to New York.

If you're wondering what a museum about pizza actually entails, it will include pizza-inspired immersive rooms, a pizza art gallery, cheese cave, pizza beach, pizza meditation, exclusive film screenings, and more. It is described as a perfect place for pizza fans, filled with immersive installations and as a “space to bask in multi-sensory, psychedelic pizza joy”.

The Museum of Pizza will open at a secret location from 13 through 28 October, but a visit won’t come cheap as tickets are $35. However, the description says that a portion of every ticket fee will be donated for a meal for a family in need, and guests will get a slice of pizza included in their fee, though the focus is more focused on “art, culture and fun,” presumably on a pizza theme. Find out more here.

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The Museum of Pizza is coming to New York.

Such colorful and immersive pop-ups are becoming a full-on trend, particularly in the US. The Museum of Ice Cream has shown up in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, comprised of huge installations that include things like magical candy gardens, rainbow unicorns, a sprinkle pool and more. There’s also the LA pop-up Happy Place, which also brings brightly-colourful installations to visitors, as allows them to take part in activities like blowing out the candles of a giant birthday cake. LA also has a new pop-up Museum of Selfies, which will run until 31 May, which tells the history of selfies though art, history and culture.

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