If you started the New Year with an epic night out or if you simply have a vast collection of drunken adventures, there’s a museum in Croatia that is very interested in hearing all about it.

A picture of visitors inside the museum
The Museum of Hangovers is the first of its kind in the world © Museum of Hangovers

The Museum of Hangovers in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, collects objects and stories from people’s drunken nights out - like the bike pedal that inspired the museum’s founder, Rino Dubokovic, to actually create it.

“My friend told us a story about how he recently woke up with a bike pedal in his pocket,” Rino said in a statement while recalling a night out in Zagreb. “As he was telling his story I thought of a great idea - a place or some sort of collection where all these objects from drunk stories would be exposed”. With the help of his girlfriend and co-founder Roberta Mikelic, he opened the Museum of Hangovers six months later.

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The museum consists of stories paired with objects scattered around several rooms which are meant to recreate the zig-zaggy walk home of someone returning from the bar - visitors start from the “Street” section, which is covered in murals and graffiti, and then head into the “Mirrors” section which is meant to recreate storefronts. After that, it’s the “Garden” and then a messy “Room” where visitors can call it a night.

Visitors looking at the exhibit inside the Museum of Hangovers
According to the Museum founders, the most frequent drunk stories are the one involving stolen street signs © Museum of Hangovers

The stories inside the Museum of Hangovers come from all over the world and not just visitors - everyone can send their best drunken stories over to the museum via their website, and it is always looking for new material to add to its collection. The aim of the museum is to awaken memories in visitors and let them have fun, even though there is a section about the “dark” side of alcohol and its dangers in the works.

Visitors inside the museum with drunken goggles on their faces
The Museum has a whole section of games that visitors can play while wearing "drunken goggles" which simulate drunk vision © Museum of Hangovers

Price of admission is 30 kunas (around €4) for the general public and 25 kunas (around €3,40) for students. No kids are allowed inside since the age limit for visitors is thirteen years old. If you’d like to know more about the museum, you can do so at its website here.

This article was first published January 2020 and updated January 2020

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