We all have bucket lists of places we’d love to visit, and we all indulge in looking up our favourite destinations to daydream about being there. But what about the world’s most-searched destinations? Can anyone guess what those might be?

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A new map tool reveals the top destinations around the world. Photo by Olesia Valentain/EyeEm/Getty Images

UK-based price-comparison expert group Travel Supermarket has pulled together various data with the help of Google to create one big interactive map tool, called Where The World Wants To Go On Holiday. The map shows which countries are the most searched for around the world – making them the top destinations and the place people would fly to in an instant if given the chance.

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Italy takes first place with an overwhelming majority. Photo by Lucian Milasan/Shutterstock

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the country that came out on top is Italy, with a good majority of people around the world wanting to head over to the Bel Paese to enjoy its art cities and beautiful views. Another Mediterranean county, Spain, takes second place, while third place goes on the other side of the world to Australia. Finishing up the top five are Greece at number four and then France, which makes the ranking definitely Europe-based.

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The second most searched destination throughout the world goes to Spain. Photo by smel leal pichs/Shutterstock

Looking over the map tool, some findings might be pretty easy to guess – the USA, Russia and China all chose Italy as their top destination, while the United Kingdom preferred Spain. There were some surprises here and there, though, the Maldives was the most searched destination for both Australia and South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates marked India as their top bucket list trip.

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Some results were a surprise, like India being the top destination for the United Arab Emirates. Photo by saiko3p/Shutterstock

What did your country search for the most? Do you agree?

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