So much happened in the world of travel this year, but there were certain stories that truly resonated with travellers around the world. Readers were particularly concerned with the rules that impacted travellers, like Venice’s tourist laws, TSA regulations and Thailand’s smoking ban. Other stories that sparked interest were the Queen’s sense of humour, cheap holiday campers and more. Here are the top 10 stories of 2019. 

People are shown crowded into a doorway in the streets of Venice.
Crowded walkways in Venice on a winter day © Marcelo_minka / Getty Images

1. Visitors forced to leave Venice after breaking new tourist rules

Two backpackers stopped to take out their stove and make a pot of coffee, running foul of Venice’s new tourist rules and leaving them with a fine €950 ($1058) and a directive to leave Venice. 

2. The Queen played a prank on unsuspecting American visitors

The Queen’s lighter side was revealed by her former protective officer, who shared how she once convinced some American tourists who saw her out on a walk in Scotland that she was not actually the head of the royal family but a neighbour. 

3. 21 ways you could get into trouble as a tourist in Italy

With multiple reports of tourists receiving fines for breaking tourists laws in Italy, travellers were eager to read all the ways you can get in trouble in the country’s historic cities. 

4. 9 TSA rules you might be breaking

After Star Wars-themed Coca Cola bottles failed to make it past TSA agents, travellers wanted to know all the things that could potentially cause trouble in the security line. 

A sunset view of the busy city of Tokyo.
Tokyo was named the safest city. © Alessandro Crugnola / 500px

5. These cities are considered the safest in the world

The Economist Intelligence Unit released its Safe Cities Index for 2019, revealing the top spots for digital security, health security, infrastructure, and personal security.

6. 7 places around the world that will pay you to move there

Travellers looking to start a new life need look no further than the destinations that are actually paying people to move there. 

7. Thailand's tourism authority is reminding travellers about its smoking ban

It’s always good to keep informed on local laws, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand made sure to remind travellers about its smoking ban in public areas. 

8. Is this the cheapest camper on the market?

The Hitch Hotel is a new box that attaches to your truck's hitch and then expands to provide a sleeping space for two to three adults.

The Arc de Triomphe is lit up at night in an aerial photo.
Paris announced a plan to ban buses from the city centre © compassandcamera / Getty Images

9. Paris proposes new restrictions on city centre tours

Paris proposed a ban on tourist buses from the city centre with officials encouraging visitors to take more "environmentally friendly" options instead.

10. Will your ID get you airborne next year?

Starting Oct 1, 2020, travellers in the US will need a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license, an enhanced driver’s license, or a passport to fly within the US.

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