Not all metro trips have to be less-than-pleasant experiences. A station that is literally a masterpiece of art and architecture, for example, might help you enjoy your commute way more. Travel technology company Expedia has collected the top ten most beautiful metro stations in the world, in an effort to decide which one between the Stockholm and Moscow underground would take away the first prize.

The Swedish capital held the first public contest to help decorate its metro stations in 1956, in an effort to make art more accessible to the public and hopefully have it have a good impact on people’s daily lives. On the other hand, Russia built its first underground when it was still the Soviet Union in 1935, and that system has now evolved in the fourth busiest in the world with 188 stops.

These two countries though aren’t the only ones boasting incredible metro art. See the gallery below to admire the most beautiful stations around the world.

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