Depo (which means ‘depot’ in Russian) food mall opened in Moscow in February 2019 on the premises of a former tram depot. Built between 1874 and 1910 in industrial neo-Gothic style, the red-brick Miussky tram depot is considered an important architectural monument. Vladimir Shukhov, one of Russia’s greatest architects and the man behind the famous Shukhov Tower, contributed to the design of the Miussky depot. Before the opening of the food mall, the depot, as well as the adjoining streets, had been thoroughly restored.

Travel News - Depo food mall
The renovated Miusskoye streetcar depot in Lesnaya Street that houses the Depo food market. Photo by: Vladimir GerdoTASS via Getty Images

Depo houses a small farmer’s market, with fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat, as well as the largest food court in Moscow (and, allegedly, in the whole of Europe) with more than 70 stalls, where one can sample food from all over the world - from China to Thailand and from Mexico to Morocco. The food mall also regularly hosts live concerts, DJ sets, workshops and public lectures.

Travel News - Depo food mall
Nuts and dried fruits for sale at the Depo market.Photo by Vladimir GerdoTASS via Getty Images

Those interested in Russian food can try blini (traditional pancakes) with fillings like foie gras or black caviar at Pripyok - the first premium outlet of the ubiquitous fast-food chain Teremok. The ‘Batman and Uzbeks’ stall, opened by the owners of Chaikhona #1 restaurant empire, offers traditional Central Asian fare such as pilaf with lamb, lagman noodle soup and manti dumplings.

There’s plenty of Georgian food, too: an outpost of Ojakhuri chain, as well as two new places - Tsomi and Grupy. Bakinsky Ugolok (Baku Corner) serves authentic Azerbaijani food.

Travel News - Depo food mall
Raising a glass at Depo, Moscow's biggest food market. Photo by:Vladimir GerdoTASS via Getty Images

Apart from the main building, which contains the market and the food mall, there are several proper restaurants on the premises of the former depot, including Kraby Kutaby (Crabs and Qutabs) by one of Moscow’s leading restaurateurs, Alexander Rappaport. Qutab is an Azerbaijani type of pancake with a filling, and the restaurant combines cuisine from the Caucasus with seafood.

By Andrei Muchnik

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