Whether it’s a cosy home office nestled at the end of a property or a rustic retreat in the middle of nature, cabins can be the perfect hiding spot to get away from it all. Knowing of the increasing demand for such bespoke structures, one Canadian company has created a stunningly modern offering, designed with the ability to be set up without the need for a building permit, making it quicker and easier than ever for people to immerse themselves in a special space.

The Mono cabin on location in Beaver Mines, Canada.
The Mono cabin on location in Beaver Mines, Canada.

Called The Mono, the 106-square-foot cabin features electric heating, black leather flooring, LED lights and a steel base that requires no foundation. Created by DROP Structures, it has been designed to be adaptable for different uses, and can incorporate lofts, desks, and beds as extra add-ons. The cabins are constructed in the company’s workshop in Alberta, Canada, and can be fully customised according to specific need before being shipped ready to anywhere in North America ready for use. The standard model can be upgraded to include a kitchen, while different wall finishes are also available.

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The cabin has been designed so that it can be put in place without the need for planning.

The Mono cabin has been constructed to be liveable throughout all seasons, and due to its size, can be set up on site without the need for a building permit throughout most regions of Canada and the United States.

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The Mono comes with black leather floors and warm LED lighting.

“We designed the Mono to optimize liveable space throughout, with a long, linear floor plan, a vaulted ceiling and massive glazed openings. Every detail has been meticulously planned, every material tirelessly sourced, with the goal of finding the pinnacle where aesthetics and function meet,” DROP Structures said.

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The cabin can be shipped to anywhere in North America already assembled.

Features that can be added to the Mono include skylights, built in blinds, air conditioning, a wood-burning stove, custom furniture and extended length for additional rooms. Prices start at $21,450 for the basic structure.

More information on Mono is available at the official DROP Structures website.

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