There are many ways to see a country, whether it’s by plane, train or vintage automobile. For one UK couple, the latter has proven to be the most exciting, unique and inspirational, as they have spent the last few years travelling the length and breadth of Britain in their 1968 Morris Minor, taking beautiful, dreamy images that document picturesque towns and villages along the way.

Travel News - Morris Minor
Maurice the Morris Minor is one of the stars of the blog.

Started by 24-year old Bristol-based blogger Ramona Jones, Monalogue is a website dedicated to travel, life and food. Along with her partner of nine years Aaron Gibson, Ramona uses the platform to share images and stories of their adventures across the United Kingdom, finding it to be a great release for her anxiety as well as a creative outlet.

Travel News - Mona Aaron Monalogue
Ramona and Aaron travel together, documenting their experiences in beautiful images.

Upon graduating in 2016, Mona had amassed fifty thousand followers on Instagram and had begun using professional photography equipment for her work. She started to receive sponsorship offers from brands, and before long, she was in a position to begin blogging full time. In 2017 she purchased the maroon Morris Minor, named Maurice, and set out to incorporate the distinct vehicle into her work.

Travel News - Morris Minor autumn
The blog features images of the Morris Minor throughout the seasons in different picturesque towns across the United Kingdom.

“The idea has evolved very naturally over the years. As I explored more and took more photos, I realised what my favourite subjects to photograph were. At the beginning I would take a lot of photos in cities. Then I came to realise I love the countryside and small villages. This has become a big part of our style. When we drive in the Morris, we usually take smaller roads and avoid motorways, we travel at a slower pace. In doing so we stumble across lots of hidden gems. The most fulfilling thing is finding a new place to photograph that you’ve not seen on Instagram before,” Mona told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Travel News - Monalogue winter
A cosy British tearoom in the snow.

Having worked on various projects since 2012, together Mona and Aaron have seen countless places across Britain, with Castle Combe in Wiltshire, and Scotney Castle in Kent being favourites.

More information on Ramona’s travels is available at the Monalogue website.

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