An Italian architecture firm has just published the concept designs for a series of treehouses that look like the perfect modern fairytale.

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The designs for these modern treehouses have just been revealed. Image courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture

Milan-based Peter Pichler Architecture recently unveiled the designs for its “Tree Houses” series— prism-shaped cabins open onto the scenery of the Italian Dolomites. Nestled among the fir and larch trees, whose geometry has also inspired the houses’ design, they blend in with the landscape and create a “new experience [of living] in the woods with a maximum connection to nature, ” as Peter Pichler Architecture said in a statement.

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The cabins' interiors will be ideal for two people wanting to live in deep connection to nature. Image courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture

The cabins will cover an area of 35-45 square metres and have a small reading and living area below with the sleeping area and bathroom on the upper floor. While the outside will be of blackened timber, the inside has the natural colours of wood— which will all be locally sourced, as the design firm cares particularly about the issue of sustainability.

Although the project is still in its conceptual phase and some details need to be polished, the tree houses will appear in the forests of the Dolomites as an addition to an existing hotel— a way to create a new form of tourism “where nature and the integration of architecture in it plays a primary role”.

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With their geometric design and locally sourced materials, the cabins will blend in smoothly with the forest. Image courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture

“We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature,” Peter Pichler Architecture stated. “Well-integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is needed”.

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The treehouses will be part of an existing hotel, although details have not yet been clarified. Image courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture

If you’d like to know more about Peter Pichler Architecture and its projects, you can check out the firm’s website here.

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