From Miami to Paris, Las Vegas to the Catskills, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has filmed in some pretty fabulous far-flung locales. Now New York City has a tour celebrating some of the Amazon hit’s most iconic settings – and fans are encouraged to turn up in period ‘50s gear to get in the mood. 

The exterior of Caffe Reggio in Greenwich Village, NYC
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Launched in mid-December, just days after the show’s third-season release, Mrs. Maisel's Marvelous Tour of New York City boasts more stops than any of On Location Tours’ other offerings, from Lutzi’s Butcher Shop (in reality, a Little Italy stalwart called Albanese Meats and Poultry), where Midge and her mother shop for provisions, to Washington Square Park, where she stumbles upon a rally to keep the park traffic-free – a real event dating to 1958.  

A woman outside of the butcher shop where Midge and her mother shop, a stop on Mrs. Maisel's Marvelous Tour of New York City
The butcher shop is a tour-guide favorite © On Location Tours

Making stops for coffee in the West Village, a drink at one of the oldest bars in the city, and a bite at Midge and Joel’s favorite diner, the tour kicks off in Gramercy, at the arts center where Joel introduces his parents to Midge, then heads south to the New York University campus, the Bowery, and Greenwich Village, home to both the series’ main comedy club and the music store where she finds those dirty comedy records. 

Fans are encouraged to come dressed in their best 1950s looks © On Location Tours

“The locations are just so great and and take you back in time,” says Alan Locher, senior director of PR, marketing and sales, name-checking highlights like the Gaslight Cafe, Music Inn, and Caffe Reggio. 

The two-and-a-half-hour bus tour comes with serious backing from the operator’s management team. “The show has a love affair with 1950s New York, as does the owner of On Location Tours, Georgette Blau,” Locher says. “She's wanted to start this tour since the first season launched.”

And the guides are fully on board. “They love the butcher shop, since it's so iconic within the show, and Greenwich Village stop, which features five locations,” says Locher. 

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