Do you have a dream destination in mind and unsure of when to go? Or do you have time booked off and you’re trying to find a place to enjoy it? This handy new map tool will now allow you to find the best time to visit anywhere in the world.

To discover your perfect destination, simply select your ideal maximum, minimum and average temperature. You can also add an additional filter for rainfall. Then select your desired week and the map will pinpoint all of the meteorologically ideal destinations in the world.

The map was created by Ryan Whitaker who, as a digital nomad himself, knows that choosing his next destination is often down to where he’ll find the best weather. His searches always threw up broad temperature ranges and unreliable anecdotes so he decided to put his data background to good use to create the map tool.

To build it, he downloaded ten years of weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from more than 10,000 weather stations around the world. With this, users can reveal the average temperature and precipitation in the country for a particular week. When the map was published to Reddit, Ryan received some feedback and decided to also make the map available in a Celsius version for Europeans to do some easy research.

Top of Tikejda in Algeria. And this map can tell you the best time to visit.
Top of Tikejda in Algeria. And this map can tell you the best time to visit.

The tool comes with some limitations however. Ryan warns that rain and snowfall is not consistently monitored in some stations outside North America and Europe but that the map is still about as accurate as can be. Due to a lack of data, other important weather points like humidity are unable to be added.

Of course, if your ideal trip planning involves more than just good weather, you can always consult Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When for some more expert advice too.

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