As a travel professional, Razvan Sidoreac was always sending his friends amazing prices and deals on flights and hotels. But he wanted more to give people around the opportunity to snag discounted travel fares, especially those who were flexible on dates and times.

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The app is a one-stop-shop for travel offers © Voyazor

Sidoreac worked for five years on his just-launched site and soon-to-be app Voyazor, which promises to help travelers find the best flight and hotel booking deals all around the world with access to deals from over 650 airlines and 300 top booking agencies. Voyazor is a fare aggregator and travel match metasearch agent searching dozens of booking engines, airfare sites and online travel agencies and compiling the results in one place. But unlike its competitors, Voyazor has one of the most complete sets of filters including landing times, layover cities, alliances, luggage allowances and fees and - for self-described #planenerds - aircraft type. For flexible fliers, Voyazor automatically opens a low-fare calendar for -/+ seven days around the date you select.

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The app compares booking sites, travel agencies and airfare sites © Voyazor

“I wanted a one-stop place to find and compare rates across multiple airlines offers and bookings agencies while at the same time, to be able to know if we can jump on any sweet travel offers as its break out,” he says. “And now, here it is!”

Voyazor’s flagship feature is the Magic Fare, a unique option which lets visitors retrieve a list of the cheapest flights from their departure city regardless of destination or travel date. Magic Fare currently provides a list of cities served by more than 300 major global airports. “Magic Fare is for those who seek inspiration, it is for those who wonder ‘where to next?’, for those eager to escape, city breakers or backpackers, those who want to travel but are constrained by the price and instead have flexibility,” Sidoreac explains. “And it's for those who want to check if they can [give a better] gift that’s cheaper than jewelry.”

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Magic Fare allows users to access the cheapest fares from their departure city © Voyazor

As for hotels, the site and app always shows you the price of each room from each booking agent. And when a group travels together (say, one couple and a family of two adults and two children) they can choose to book the double room from one agency, and the family apartment from another agency depending on who offers the lowest price for each type of room.

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Razvan Sidoreac, the founder of Voyazor © Voyazor

But it’s not all automated. Voyazor’s savvy staff will still hunt for fares and search for hot deals using the site’s tool, their industry knowledge and the experience of booking professionals and travel pros, posting those worth a mention. 

Voyazor is free to join, the app is free to download and there is no fee to subscribe for alerts. The site is live now, and apps for iOS and Android will drop soon.

Ready, set, book. 

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