If you’re looking for a unique way to spend next summer and happen to have a friend or partner you work incredibly well with, then you might want to to consider becoming the keeper of a luxury barge in France.

A shot of the Garonne river in the southern city of Toulouse
You could be sailing along the main waterways of France like the Garonne river during this dream summer job © Anibal Trejo / Shutterstock

Silver Swan Recruitment has just posted an ad looking for two people to manage a luxury barge as it cruises the waterways of France for the entirety of the upcoming summer season. The two will work as host and deckhand and make sure that the guests of the barge will be well looked after and that their journeys around rivers and lakes will run smoothly.

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The ideal candidates will have “proven experience of communicating well together” and will be both enthusiastic and willing to learn - since nautical training will be provided to them before they start the job. Hospitality skills are also important as well as the open-mindedness needed to sail everywhere around France’s waterways.

A boat gliding down the river Seine in Paris at night
The pay also includes whatever tips the barge keepers might receive from their guests © cbmetz19 / Budget Travel

The job’s salary is £1100 per month for each person (around $1420), as well as accommodation and meals and free use of the barge when there aren’t any guests onboard. You can apply for the position here, but be aware that only shortlisted candidates will receive a response from the recruiter due to the high volume of applications.

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