Ozark has been a huge hit for Netflix and the plot centres around financial planner Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, who relocates his family from Chicago to Osage Beach, a summer resort community in Missouri after a money laundering scheme goes wrong. He has to make amends to a Mexican drug cartel by setting up a bigger laundering operation there, but becomes entangled with local criminals.

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Ozark stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. Image: Netflix

The crime drama is set in the real-life location of The Ozarks, a mountain and lake region that is located in four different states. While the interior shots were filmed in Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta in Georgia, most of the exterior filming took place around Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier. If you would like to visit some of the filming locations, this is our guide to the ones worth checking out.

The Blue Cat Lodge

Travel News - Blue Cat Lodge
The Blue Cat Lodge In Canton, Georgia. Image: Netflix

Marty Byrde takes over a sleepy lakeside business called The Blue Cat Lodge, and this is where he launders his money. These scenes were filmed on the site of the former Little River Grill restaurant on Lake Allatoona in Canton, Georgia. The lease for the building was acquired by the popular J.D’s Bar-B-Que restaurant earlier this year, and owner Chip Allen opened it for business during the summer as J.D.'s on the Lake.

Jones Bridge Park

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FBI agent Roy Petty and Russ Langmore became friends while fly-fishing filmed at Jones Bridge Park in Georgia. Image: Netflix

FBI agent Roy Petty and Russ Langmore became friends while fly-fishing, and these scenes were filmed at Jones Bridge Park in Georgia. If you plan to visit, its amenities include pavilions, a playground, sand volleyball court, three soccer fields and restrooms, and of course you can fish in the river.

Little River Marina

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The Little River Marina is located across from the Blue Cat Lodge. Image: Netflix

The Little River Marina is located across from the Blue Cat Lodge and it's the dock where some members of the Langmore men work in the show. In real life, it is more than just a place to park your boat – it offers food, hospitality and incredible views of Lake Allatoona.

Bagnell Dam

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The Bagnell Dam on the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, circa 1960. Image: Harvey Meston/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The Bagnell Dam can be found at the Lake of the Ozarks, a large reservoir in central Missouri, and the surrounding area featured when 13-year-old Jonah Byrde wandered off there on his own. The area is filled with restaurants, candy stores, ice-cream parlours, nostalgic gift shops, music and classic arcades. You'll find arcade games and water activities on the Bagnell Dam Strip as well. The lake itself is nicknamed ‘The Magic Dragon’ thanks to its serpentine shape.

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Season 2 of the drama centres on a family in turmoil.

Other notable locations to look out for are Victoria Harbour Marina and the Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q restaurant in Marietta, which can both be seen in episode four of season one , and the Silver Skillet diner in Atlanta in episode eight.

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