Want to make all your literary dreams come to life? Airbnb have conjured up an offer for book-lovers with the travel bug for World Book Day 2019. Ten gorgeous homes will be on offer for just US$17 (€19) a night (plus applicable taxes and charges), which is about the price of a decent-sized novel. Now which dream experience will you pick up?

The Great Gatsby — Bridgehampton, New York

Travel News - The Great Gatsby
Escape to the Hamptons with this mansion. Photo by Airbnb

Relive the party of the last century here, just with a better ending. Spend your time gazing at the ocean while sitting in the lap of luxury in this grand estate in the Hamptons. Relax in the heated saltwater pool...just not too much.

Available for $17 a night for May 10-12 and May 17-19.

Big Little Lies — Palm Beach, Australia

Travel News - Big Little Lies_2
See how the other half lives in Sydney. Photo by Airbnb

Take a break from the neighbourhood drama in this stunning beach house with views of the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Clear your head with a short walk to the beach to clear your head or visit neighbouring Sydney.

$17 per night between May 17 – 19 and June 14 – 16.

Pippi Longstocking — Älmeshult, Sweden

Travel News - Pippi Longstocking
Retreat to the Swedish countryside. Photo by Airbnb

Your childhood favourite made elegant retreat. Swim and fish in the nearby lake or enjoy a campfire as the night closes in. Room for five people so plan a tranquil getaway with plenty of space for fun for all the family.

$17 per night for May 17 – 19 and May 24 – 26.

The Notebook — New Bern, North Carolina

Travel News - The Notebook
Suitable for all the family (or just the two of you). Photo by Airbnb

Yes, it can fit ten guests, but how about just two for a romantic break? You have 3.5 acres of lush grounds and private sandy beach all to yourself. If you do ever want to leave, there is biking, hiking, boating and paddling all in the nearby area.

$17 per night for May 19 – 22.

Pride and Prejudice — Chawton, England

Travel News - Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen may even have visited this house socially. Photo by Airbnb

Nestled in Jane Austen’s own hometown, this is the perfect base to go on rambling walks and retrace her footsteps and inspiration. Plus you might meet a handsome, proud stranger on those country laneways…

$17 per night for May 24 – 26 and June 14 – 16.

Charlotte's Web — Cherryfield, Maine

Travel News - Charlotte's Web
The loveliest barn you could ever stay in. Photo by Airbnb

Stay in a picturesque orchard in this historic barn that has undergone a very cosy makeover. Pick apples and blueberries by hand and spot local animals while going on hikes or visiting the lake. Guaranteed to turn anyone into an animal lover.

$17 per night for July 19-21.

Interview With the Vampire — New Orleans, Louisiana

Travel News - Interview With The Vampire
Perfect for an immortal getaway. Photo by Airbnb

Dripping in decaying opulence, this 1800s home looks like it’s straight out of a movie set. The perfect blend of new and old, you’ll have your own tropical garden to relax in and, when you are ready to see the sights - or seek some prey - you’ll be within walking distance to the French Quarter.

$17 per night for June 6 – 10.

The Handmaid's Tale — Newton, Massachusetts

Travel News - The Handmaid's Tale_2
All utopia, no dystopia. Photo by Airbnb

All of the comforts of a commander’s lifestyle with none of the dystopian horror. In an upmarket suburb of Boston, this extraordinary house is filled only with the finer things in life. One reviewer describes it like living in a "comfortable museum".

$17 per night for May 9 – 13.

NW - Great London, England

Travel News - NW_3
Immerse yourself in the London life. Photo by Airbnb

Overlooking the leafy Queen’s Park area, this Victorian home will immerse you in the neighbourhood immortalised in Zadie Smith’s novel. The bright windows are perfect for your own spot of people-watching and maybe even character inspiration.

$17 per night for June 6-15.

Outlander — Edinburgh, Scotland

Travel News - Outlander
Time travel to this Outlander-inspired attic. Photo by Airbnb

Evoking romance and adventure, step back in time with this unique apartment, while remaining in the hip neighbourhood of Leith. Managing to be both lavish and cosy, this is suitable for couples only.

$17 per night for May 10-12 and July 5-7.

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