Travelers to New York State can now enjoy a culinary treat in the form of ice cream and other frozen desserts made with liquor. The measure approved by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo limits the percentage of alcohol in ice cream to not more than 5% by volume, but it means that craft manufacturers can get cracking on devising new and innovative products.

Ice cream gelato in a shop
The dairy industry is expected to receive a boost © graycat/Shutterstock

While adding wine to ice cream has been permitted in the state for a decade, it only became legal to produce beer – and hard cider-infused ice cream in 2018. The new rules governing the sale of liquor-infused ice cream include that it can't be sold to anyone under 21, and the packaging has to be labeled with the warning statements, like other alcohol-infused products.

The state ranks first in US for the number of hard cider producers, second in craft breweries and distilleries, and fourth in the country for the total number of wineries. It is expected that the legislation will further grow a burgeoning industry and give a boost to the state's dairy farmers, liquor and craft beverage producers, dairy processors and manufacturers. It is also anticipated to be good for tourism.

"New Yorkers are already able to responsibly enjoy beer, wine- and cider-infused ice creams," says Senator Rachel May. "Thanks to this bill, vendors will now be able to offer their customers another delicious treat. I am very grateful to the governor for signing this into law, and I look forward to sharing some maple bourbon ice cream with him at next year's State Fair!"

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