Las Vegas, the glitzy resort city nestled in the Nevada desert is well-known to be the hub of casinos in the US and famed for its nightlife. But did you know that table service at Omnia in Caesar's Palace will set you back a whopping US$2500 (€2033) (the equivalent of eight helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon) or that the average cost of a beer in a Las Vegas nightclub is US$10.60 (€8.62)?

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The iconic sign welcomes tourists into the neon Strip of the city.

In a bid to help tourists navigate their way through what can be a dazzlingly expensive experience, the team at have just launched an interactive cost calculator for the biggest clubs in the city.

The tool allows visitors to look at comprehensive data on all the various costs you might encounter while on a night out in the city but also helps tourists calculate whether they can afford to visit various casinos and go all-in. From the Bellagio to the Mirage, to Mandalay Bay and Caesar’s Palace, the team spoke to representatives at all of the top nightclubs to determine the cost of everything from door fees to table service and even the cost of parking.
Here's how much an entry for two men and women will cost you including a round of drinks.

“Vegas can be an expensive city to visit, so we wanted to help tourists to save money where they could, giving them as much fun for their buck as possible” Blog Editor, David Sheldon told Lonely Planet. “A night out in one of Las Vegas’ premier nightclubs is never going to be cheap but our calculator means out-of-towners can compare club prices to find the best value venue for them and their buddies”.

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Las Vegas' casinos are known for being open 24-hours a day

“One of the most surprising things for people who come on vacation to Vegas is that men and woman often pay different prices for the same thing," Sheldon added.

"Every club in our calculator, except the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay and Chateau at Paris Las Vegas, charges more for male entry than for female entry. The cheapest entrance fee anywhere is $14 for female entry to Tao at The Venetian. The most expensive is $41 for male entry to Marquee at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas”.

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The neon signs on Fremont Street attract tourists to the bustling casinos.

Las Vegas saw 39 million tourists visit the city in 2017. The city is also known for its replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower.

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