In recent years Kyiv  has seen a street art revolution, with many murals being painted on the walls of the city buildings. With this new art movement, the Ukrainian capital aims to position itself on the world’s street art scene.

Kyiv is home to plenty of murals.
Kyiv is home to plenty of murals.

Now Kyiv is home to more than 60 murals painted by foreign and Ukrainian artists. And the numbers are growing. The international art project ‘ArtUnitedUs’, which curates the creation of murals in the Ukrainian capital, has declared an ambitious plan to paint 200 new murals not only in Kyiv but in different places around the world.

To keep track with the murals, Stockholm-based Ukrainian blogger Sergii Gryshkevych has created an interactive map The map shows all the locations as well as the pictures of the city’s murals. Also, it is community-created: everyone can submit the location and a photo of a new mural, and it then gets added to the map. This way the mural map always stays up to date.

Here is our list of the top 5 Kyiv murals:

‘The River Crossing’ by Australian street artist Fintan Magee

The crossing of the river.
TheRiver Crossing.

‘Revival of Ukraine’ by French-Ukrainian street duo Seth x Kislow

Revival of Ukraine.
Revival of Ukraine.

‘The Children’ mural-mosaic by Ukrainian artist Konstantin Skretutsky

The Children
The Children

‘The Gymnast’ by Australian street artist Fintan Magee

The Gymnast
The Gymnast

‘Lilly Of The Valley’ by Australian street artist Guido van Helten

Lilley of the Valley Kyiv street art
Lilly of the Valley

If you'd like to see more, explore the full map here. 

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