You can be at one with nature at a new eco-boutique resort in Tulum where clean lines blend seamlessly with the tropical jungle on the doorstep.

Travel News - Jungle Keva
Jungle Keva is a new eco-boutique resort in Tulum, Mexico.

Jungle Keva is a new environmentally-friendly resort in Tulum, Mexico, where rooms are designed with local, natural materials that preserved 70% of the existing vegetation in the area during construction. It's designed to look and feel like "being in a small village in the Mayan jungle," with five close-knit lodges scattered along the lot, between the trees and stone paths.

Travel News - Jungle Keva
Clean lines blend seamlessly with the gentle geometry of the rooms.

In order to bring the outdoors in, each lodge has a private indoor-outdoor bathroom, a private terrace with a hammock that looks out onto the lush, tropical foliage and sliding glass windows and doors with timber shutters

Travel News - Jungle Keva
The rooms were designed with local, raw materials.

Sustainable in nature and minimalist in design, Jungle Keva was designed by Jaquestudio, who seamlessly merged the airy, open-plan lodges with their lush, tropical surroundings to capture an immersive jungle experience for guests where the soundtrack is the the beautiful cacophony of the rainforest.

Travel News - Jungle Keva
The indoor-outdoor bathroom. Image by Jungle Keva

"All the project is composed of local materials, as well as low maintenance and natural textures, which provide a warm atmosphere to the buildings," the studio said. "The objective was to use materials that age with dignity so that with the passing of time the architecture acquires character and a deeper sense of belonging."

Travel News - Jungle Keva
The lodges are minimalist in design.

The resort is all about wellness and personal development and hosts a range of retreats and seminars that cover varied interests from yoga to writing, and history to cooking. Each day starts with a yoga class and a continental breakfast before guests are invited to explore the area with guided local excursions, including a private tour of the nearby Muyil ruins and the Tulum Archaeological Site.

For booking information, visit Jungle Keva’s official website.

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