Travellers looking to explore the birthplace of Mexico’s best-known drink can hop on board a tequila train.

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Hope on board the Jose Cuervo Express.

The Jose Cuervo Express has been running through Jalisco, from Guadalajara to Tequila, since 2012. But the train has recently been making headlines again, which is unsurprising as interest in the spirit grows.

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The scenery of Tequila, Mexico.

The “express experience” takes guests on a train journey with Mexican snacks, cocktails, and a professional tasting guided by a “maestro tequilero”. They will also take a visit to the agave fields, a tour of the Jose Cuervo distillery and more for a price of 2100 pesos (USD$110).

The premium plus experience, which costs 2500 pesos (USD$130) provides all the same features, but in an exclusive coach of the train with a premium bar where you can enjoy tequila, rum, vodka and whiskey while you travel. Those guests will also get to tour the “Reserva de la Familia” cellar.

Travel News - jose cuervo train
Sip on tequila on this train.

All visitors will get a tour of La Rojeña distillery, which the company says is the oldest in the Americas and has been producing tequila for 250 years. There also free time for travellers to walk around the town of Tequila. The agave landscape and the ancient industrial facilities of Tequila have been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2006.

Travel News - tequila train
Inside the Jose Cuervo Express.

Tequila, a type of mezcal made with blue agave, produced in Jalisco, is probably Mexico’s best-known drink. There has been a growth in interest in Mexican spirits, and travellers can learn all about their history while exploring the country. If you want to spend more of your trip to Mexico learning about liquor, read all about 10 of the best places to get mezcal in Oaxaca.

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