Budget American airline JetBlue has caused a bit of a stir on social media with one of the security questions it posed to a user of its online booking service.

A father and daughter laughing together
A security question from JetBlue appeared to be asking users about their favourite child © MoMo Productions/Getty Images

Twitter user @_lanaloo shared a screenshot from the airline's website that appeared to be asking, “What is the name of your favorite child?” This obviously caused a reaction from other users of the social networking site as it is generally not considered a good thing to have a favourite child, and most parents would be reluctant to admit that they have one.

In response to the post, the JetBlue Twitter account jokingly posted, "Say it. You know you have one." Several users commented saying that their dog is their favorite "child," while others replied that they would be likely to forget the answer they gave at the time as their favourite child changes according to who has annoyed them recently.

 A woman booking flights on a laptop
The security question caused a reaction from other Twitter users © Joseph Branston/Future via Getty Images

While the tweets stirred up much fun and plenty of creative answers, a JetBlue spokesperson told People that the question was not actually as it seemed. It appears that the real question from the dropdown menu is, “What is the name of your favorite childhood friend?” but the end of the question apparently got cut off when the user clicked on it. 

This article was first published Nov 22, 2019 and updated Nov 25, 2019.

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