Any museum-lovers travelling to Italy from this autumn on will be happy to know that the free Sunday visits scheme is now working again.

A picture of the upper rings of the Colosseum against a clear blue sky
Italy's free Sundays at the museum scheme is going to return very soon © Manuel Bischof / Getty Images

The project of the “Domeniche al Museo” (Sundays at the museum) was introduced first in 2014, and since then more than 15 million people have taken advantage of the free admission to state-run museums, palaces and archaeological sites every first Sunday of the month.

A picture of the vast gardens of the Palace of Caserta on a very beautiful and sunny day
Among the sites that will be joining the free Sundays scheme, there's also the Palace of Caserta, one of the most beautiful royal residences on Europe © Leonid Andronov / Shutterstock

Included in the scheme are some of the country’s most famous and visited sites like the Colosseum in Rome, Florence’s Galleria dell’Accademia, Pompeii and the Palace of Caserta, Trieste’s Castello di Miramare and Turin’s Palace of Venaria. The only places you won’t get free admission to are private museums, or the ones run by local authorities instead of the state.

A close up shot of the face and hand of Michelangelo's David
Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia, the house of Michelangelo's David, will also be joining the scheme © gurb101088 / Shutterstock

The scheme was suspended last year, but it has been reintroduced this autumn with the change of Minister for Culture. The very first weekend to start enjoying the Sundays at the museum again will be the first one in November.

A picture of the Palace of Venaria's Great Gallery with lots of natural light coming in
The free Sundays at the museum scheme will resume on the first weekend of November © AGF / Getty Images

If you’d like to enter one of Italy’s famous museums for free come November, you can find a complete list of the institutions joining the project on the official website of the Ministry for Culture here.

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