Visitors to the Isle of Man who are looking to switch off and get away from it all may want to try its digital detox experience. The initiative is called 'Phoneboxes' and it will see visitors lock their mobile phones away on arrival on the island for the duration of their trip in return for traditional, analogue alternatives.

A map of the Isle of man, a camera and books
Visitors will receive traditional, analogue alternatives © Visit Isle of Man

The idea is that it will enable them to switch off from the digital world, spend time reconnecting with the natural environment and further enjoy time with their loved ones. The boxes will be located at specific rural retreats on the island. Their contents will include an Isle of Man guidebook and map, a film camera, bird and plant identification books, binoculars and magnifying glasses. There will also be a travel journal, a digital detox guide, a notepad, postcards and stamps, itinerary inspiration ideas and a pack of playing cards.

Panorama of Douglas on the Isle of Man.
The Isle of Man is offering a digital detox experience © Henryk Sadura/Getty Images

Research carried out by the Isle of Man showed that with the rise of modern technology and societal pressures, work-cations have become the new norm. Over half of those surveyed regularly check work emails while abroad and 54% continue to work through fear of getting behind on workloads or underachieving. Almost a third said that digital distraction is the main reason why they're unable to switch off on holiday, and 73% have reported their mood being negatively affected when their travelling companions spend too much time on their phones.

A map of the Isle of man, a camera and books
Visitors can lock away their phone and receive these items © Visit Isle of Man

There will be plenty to do without a digital distraction, as the Isle of Man offers activities like horse-riding, hiking, water sports and wildlife-watching. “We want to encourage our visitors to disconnect, switch off and step away from digital distractions in order to disassociate from work and social media and concentrate better on their surroundings," says Angela Byrne, head of Visit Isle of Man.

For further information on booking the digital detox experience, please check out Visit Isle of Man here.

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