What’s a road trip without good food? While driving is definitely a major part of any road trip, so is deciding what you’re going to eat and where. And to solve whatever doubt you might have, Orbitz has just crafted the perfect map.

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What's a road trip without good food? Photo by Colin Anderson/Getty Images

The Ultimate U.S. Foodie Trip is a new interactive map compiled by Orbitz that shows the best each continental U.S. state has to offer in terms of regional dishes and specialities. The route is essentially a big circle across 48 states, so you can start wherever you want and drive wherever your heart desires— and be sure that good food will be there waiting for you at your destination.

The map is interactive and you can scroll through the states in alphabetical order or type one in the search box. Orbitz determined which restaurant serves the state’s local delicacy and has also planned the shortest route to bring you there. You can start in the state of New York by having pizza and bagel on the streets of the Big Apple and finish in California, enjoying some fish tacos in Venice.

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Fish tacos in Venice are one of the regional specialities marked on Orbitz's map. Photo by Michael Urmann/Shutterstock

Between the two oceans, though, there are many more culinary wonders waiting to be discovered and tasted— pepperoni rolls in Clarksburg, West Virginia, or gumbo and jambalaya in Louisiana’s biggest city, New Orleans; you can stop in Denver, Colorado, for some Chile Verde and then in Seattle, Washington, for short ribs.

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New Orleans is the place to go for gumbo and jambalaya. Photo by travelview/Shutterstock

The 70 restaurants across the country were determined with data from FourSquare, while Orbitz compiled the shortest route between each of them thanks to Google. The travel fare aggregator company isn’t new to compiling maps bringing you to delicious food, and it has even created a compilation of city sounds in the past.

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Ready for this epic and delicious road trip? Photo by Westend61/Getty Images

If you want to take this epic road trip across the “land of the free and home of delicious dishes,” as Orbitz puts it, you can check out their website here.

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