An Irish Instagram account documenting some of Dublin’s best pub snugs has been gaining attention lately from fans of the cosy pub spaces. DublinSnugs is the brainchild of David Fanagan and Mark Fallon, both 25, who have been best friends since the age of 13. The Dubliners say that a snug is definitely a concept that is synonymous with Irish pubs."


"Historically, they were the areas specifically designed as a place for women to enjoy a private drink, at a time when it was frowned upon for them to be in a pub," David and Mark tell Lonely Planet. "It was also a place where men could do business away from the eyes of other pub-goers. Today, these traditional Irish snugs are recognised as enclosed areas beside the bar with a hatch for service that are highly coveted by many pub-goers. Whilst there may be interpretations outside of Ireland, you can only experience an authentic snug on these shores."

The idea for DublinSnugs came about quite organically, as Mark and David realised that they had a common love for the traditional Irish snug. It was an added bonus for them if they managed to secure a spot in a snug on a night out, and would really add to their pub experience. They thought it would be a great venture to document these snug visits so they could look back on them in later years, and Instagram stood out as the perfect platform.

"We realised after only a few posts that there was a community of people with a similar appreciation for what we were posting," they say. "With this in mind, it seemed like a great way to make such people aware of all these great snugs on offer to them in this brilliant city. Without doubt, we aim to review every snug Dublin has to offer, and then we will look at snugs outside of Dublin and even around the planet.

The idea of having two pints of Guinness in each review photo was their personal trademark from the beginning. They're fans of the quintessential Irish drink, and felt that it would be the perfect addition to complement their snug visits and it represents the sharing of a cherished moment with good company. "Whilst this seems like a hard job, someone has to do it right?," they laugh, adding that Slattery's in Rathmines has stood out to them as their favourite snug so far.

Mark and David say that while the Irish snug is a cosy enclosed area where people feel like they have their own private quarters away from hustle and bustle, the deeper meaning is the sense of history and ancestry that is enveloped in a snug. "As others have sat and drunk in these very snugs for generations before us, they will do so for many generations to come," they say.

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