If you’re not fully ready to let go of the summer, a bar in New York City will let you drink outdoors on a rooftop garden and keep warm with a slightly wintry twist.


The well-known New York spot 230 Fifth has opened a series of igloos on the top of its roof, meaning visitors can enjoy a drink “outside” without freezing. The igloos can seat 11 people at once, but there are no reservations taken so it’s first-come, first-serve in order to get a cosy spot with 360-degree views of the city that never sleeps.

Seven igloos have been created at Coppa Club for the winter season.
Seven igloos have been created at Coppa Club for the winter season.

And if the idea of a wintry cocktail in an igloo sounds great but New York is too far away, rest assured that it’s not the only city where it can happen – a restaurant on the Thames introduced large pop-up igloos earlier this year, meaning guests can hang out in for a drink or a meal while checking out a view of Tower Bridge. The Coppa Club igloos are available for private hire or walk-ins, and are furnished and lit, with blankets and speakers to keep visitors warm and entertained.

For those who want more than just a quick drink in an igloo, there are also a number of glass igloos where travellers can spend the night. In Finland, a resort offers winter packages where visitors can sleep under the Northern Lights and go on a reindeer safari.

But if a trip to wintry Finland sounds far too cold, there are also transparent bubble domes in Northern Ireland, where travellers can feel as though they are sleeping in the forest.

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