If you spend every spare moment trying to hit your 10,000 steps a day, why not skip running up the stairs and plan a holiday that will smash your daily FitBit goal with some pretty great scenery along the way.

Travel News - table mountain
Table Mountain in South Africa.

A casual climb up Table Mountain will get you nearly to that daily goal at 7000 steps, while Bhutan’s famed Snowman Trek will take 400,000 steps – but will take a little bit longer. Flash Pack, an adventure travel company for solo travellers, has run the numbers on just how many steps it should take to take on some of the most famous hikes around the world, so you can figure out the best way to get in some travel and exercise.

Travel News - hadrian wall
Hadrian's Wall near sunset at Walltown.

Flash Pack uses the Lower Loop walk in Central Park, New York City as a reference point to compare the length of 28 well-known hikes in spots like South Africa, Bhutan, Japan, Switzerland and more, with 10,000 steps being equivalent to about five miles (eight kilometres).

Travel News - bhutan
Himalayan Mountains sits Tiger Nest Monastery. Located near city of Paro in Kingdom of Bhutan.

Among the shortest hikes are Table Mountain in South Africa (7000 steps), Mount Fuji in Japan (15,800) and Rainbow Mountain in Peru (19,000). That’s compared to some of the longest, like Bhutan’s Snowman Trek (400,000), the Sierra High Route in the USA (390,000) and Hadrian’s Wall path in England (168,000). To put that into FitBit perspective, completing the Snowman Trek would mean you’d hit your step goal for 400,000, which is nearly 110 years.

So if you want to see just how many steps it will take to finish your dream hike, check out the list below.

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