Check your passport's expiration date and forget about taking the dog on any immediate European holidays after Brexit. These are just some of the travelling considerations you need to make if Britain leaves the EU without a deal before 31 October.

British passports
The UK government has launched a travel checklist for British citizens in the event of a no deal Brexit. Image by Getty

The British government has launched ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ - the country's largest ever public information campaign - in an attempt to prepare the British public for leaving the European Union. Billboards and ads are popping up everywhere and an accompanying website is asking users a series of multiple choice questions to help them figure out what they need to do to prepare for Britain crashing out of the EU without a deal before Halloween - the looming Brexit deadline.

Many of the questions are travel-specific and provide a sort of checklist for British citizens planning a trip after 31 October. For example, the site is urging people to check their passport expiration dates because if Britain leaves the EU without a deal, the rules on how much time Britons need on their passport to travel to Europe will change. Those who are unsure can use this tool to check if their passport is valid for the country they intend to visit. The best advice though is to ensure that passports are valid for at least six months from the date of departure.

Get Ready for Brexit ads
Get Ready for Brexit is the UK's largest ever public information campaign. Image by Daniel Sorabji/Getty

Those wishing to travel with pets are being warned that they "will not be able to use the existing pet passport scheme" and will have to follow a new process which could take about four months. The site also reminds people that using a mobile phone in Europe could become more expensive as mobile operators will be able to implement roaming charges in the event of no deal if they wish.

Dog travelling
The existing pet passport scheme will no longer be valid in the event of no deal. Image by urbanglimpses/Getty

The site warns travellers to "check for delays and disruption before travelling" and to make sure they have travel health insurance in the place of the European health insurance card, which will be invalid without a deal. Those who are planning a European road trip are being told they need to pack additional paperwork for taking UK-registered vehicles abroad and place a large GB sticker on their bumper or risk getting a fine, even if GB already appears on the number plate,

Access the full checklist here.

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