An interactive hotel room has been created to demonstrate how the rooms of the future will look like by 2034. It was created by hospitality technology specialist, Guestline, in conjunction with technology, artificial intelligence, hotel and hospitality interior design experts in the UK.

Hotel Room 2.jpg
An interactive guest room shows the hotel room of the future. Image: Guestline

Providing their predictions and insights into what we can expect to see over the next 15 years, the experts believe that hotel rooms will have a glass TV that will know guests' favourite films, glass privacy walls that will change from transparent to opaque and an i-robot bringing guests breakfast. They also predict that showers will adapt to the guest's body temperature, detecting the optimal temperature using just the heat levels from the touch of the person's finger.

Shower Technology.jpg
Experts predict that showers will adapt to the guest's body temperature. Image: Guestline

The experts feel that artificial intelligence and voice control will be one of the most prominent game-changers in how we experience staying at a hotel. “Soon there will be screens that welcome you by name when you approach them in the hotel lobby by using data from your mobile phones which already exists – registered through the hotel's wifi," says Ralph Fernando, director of strategy, digital and operations at Pragma. "Once you’re there, it will be an automatic check-in process through facial recognition, and your room key will be digitally downloaded to your mobile phone.”

Bathroom .jpg
Privacy glass will be incorporated within the hotel room that can be made transparent or opaque. Image: Guestline

According to the experts, privacy glass will be incorporated within the hotel room that can be made transparent or opaque via an app on the in-room tablet or through voice control. Guests will be able to personalise the room to their mood, and wall-length glass walls will allow guests to tailor the room decoration to their preferred style and colour, such as a video of beach waves or tropical sunrise. They can also turn opaque if someone is using the bathroom.

Guest can control functions through AI or their digital pads. Image: Guestline

One prediction is that room service can be ordered through the i-concierge built into the room, and it will memorise what time to flick the light switch so guests can sleep. Guests will have the ability to cast lighting levels, room temperature and music levels all through either AI or their digital pads, and also control a selection of noises and aromas to help them sleep. It is also expected that plugs and sockets will be replaced by wireless technology, and as TVs won’t need to have plugs in the back of them, they can be installed anywhere in the room.

You can find the design for the interactive room of 2034 here.

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