With everyone on the lookout for socially-distanced activities these days, the idea of renting out a floating hot tub and navigating around Lake Union in Seattle might prove an attractive proposition.

Four people in a hot tub boat on the water
The hot tubs boats cater for up to six people © Hot Tub Boats

The hot tubs boats cater for up to six people, which might be ideal for families or groups of friends trying to stay away from others due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As they're equipped with an electric motor and an onboard diesel heater, the hot tubs stay a warm 104 degrees Fahrenheit during their trips. Guests navigate the boat using a joystick to a maximum speed of 5 mph, and a valid driver's license is required.

Four girls sitting on the edge of a hot tub boat
The hot tub boats ar elocate don Lake Union in Seattle © Hot Tub Boats

The hot tub boats are the brainchild of wooden boat shipwright, Adam Karpenske, who came up with the idea after living on a houseboat that didn't have room for a hot tub. They are custom built and designed, are available for rent and purchase, and meet the stringent US Federal Regulations for Boat Builders. The rate is US$350 (€296) for two hours with a maximum of six people permitted in the tub, and they can be rented all year round from 9am to 11pm daily. Additional time on the boat costs $100 (€84) per hour.

Guests bring along swimwear and towels, and they can bring food and drink on board as the boats have dry storage capacity. A changing room, restroom and storage space for anything they want to leave behind is available at the location. As the boats are located outdoors and guests only interact with their own friends or family, they meet all of Seattle's social-distancing requirements. As a safety precaution, the water in the tubs is changed and the boats are cleaned between each rental with eco-friendly soaps.

Four people sitting in a hot tub boat in Seattle
The boats are drained and cleaned between bookings © Hot Tub Boats

While on the boat, guests can enjoy floating on the freshwater Lake Union, which was carved by glacial erosion 12,000 years ago. It is a nexus for water-sports enthusiasts and also acts as a runway for seaplanes. Further information on hiring the hot tub boats is available from the website here.

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