Who better to honor with a Halloween extravaganza than the Master of Suspense?  

The McKittrick Hotel 2016_DrielyS-8775.jpg
Home to edgy shows like Sleep No More, the McKittrick Hotel goes all out for Halloween. Image: DrielyS for The McKittrick Hotel

At the end of October, the hotel with one of New York City’s best rooftop bars is hosting an epic celebration for All Saints’ Day, and it’s taking its cues from one of Hollywood’s most formidable directors. As the permanent home of Sleep No More, the cutting-edge, interactive retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the McKittrick Hotel has a reputation for the risque, and its holiday bash, formally titled a Hitchcock Halloween Party, should be strictly in keeping with the property’s image. 

Comprising three late-night dance parties on 25, 26, and 31 October, the West Chelsea venue’s adults-only soiree will take over the entire hotel, with live performances, scenic installations, and an open bar—all decor and theatrics inspired by Alfred Hitchcock himself

The McKittrick Hotel 2018_Jenny Anderson 12.jpg
This year's celebration features late-night dance parties spread out over three nights—all inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. Image: Jenny Anderson for The McKittrick Hotel

On Friday and Saturday nights, the party starts at 10:15 p.m., but guests can go all out with dinner in the Club Car (the rooftop performance venue) and/or a performance of Sleep No More ahead of the festivities. There are two seatings for dinner, so revelers could do dinner and a show, a show and the party (from $275), dinner and the party, all three, or just the party itself (from $125). To cut to the chase—and shave a little bit off the price—late-night entry is also available, from $85 on Friday and $95 on Saturday. On Halloween proper, the choices are more limited: Sleep No More and the party (from $200), just the party (from $95), and late-night entry (from $75). 

The McKittrick Hotel 2018_Jenny Anderson 4.jpg
Revelers with Champagne tastes can go big, while those with more of a beer budget can opt for the late-night entry option. Image: Jenny Anderson for The McKittrick Hotel

It wouldn’t be a true bacchanalia without an upgrade option, and two are on offer to let high-rollers skip the line. For $325 a head on Friday, $350 on Saturday, and $275 on Halloween, Maximilian’s List puts you at the front of the queue and grants access to the event’s VIP bar; tack on a bit more, and the Champagne Table ($475 on Friday, $485 on Saturday, and $389.50 on Halloween) lands you a reserved spot in the grand ballroom as well, table service included. 

For tickets and information, visit mckittrickhotel.com

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