Restocking your holiday wardrobe can be a great feeling, whether it’s that colourful dress you bought for those warm summer nights in Greece or a flannel shirt to keep you warm while you travel through Iceland. But fast fashion can be problematic for many reasons, and can take its toll on our wallets and on the environment. With that in mind, clothing rental has been on the rise in recent times, and now, holiday tour operator Contiki has partnered with Hirestreet to make borrowing the perfect outfit for one of their excursions easier than ever.

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People are beginning to look for more affordable and sustainable ways to get the perfect holiday wardrobe © Westend61 / Getty Images

Specialising in tours for 18 to 35-year-olds, Contiki has joined forces with Hirestreet to curate a new clothing collection that encourages travellers to rent their holiday wardrobe instead of buying new things. Building on research for the travel brand’s recent Clothes Swap campaign, which last year shed light on the fact that two-thirds of young British people surveyed admitted to buying new holiday clothing that was never worn again, the collaboration has been made in a response to an increased demand for more sustainable clothing options.

“Our customers love to travel and love to look great while on holiday. As we become more mindful of our environmental impact we’ve naturally seen a big rise in demand for holiday rentals, whereby customers can get great new holiday outfits without compromising on style or harming the environment. Every piece we offer has a story to tell and the money you save means more to spend making memories when you’re away. We hope our collaboration with Contiki raises awareness that there's an alternative to disposable fashion,” Isabella West, CEO & Co-Founder of Hirestreet said.

Hirestreet allows users to rent clothing for four to 16 days © Hirestreet

The new ‘Winter Sun’ collection includes women’s dresses and jumpsuits, selected to suit trips to warm-weather destinations. Pieces are available to rent from £12, with special offers becoming available to customers who book through Contiki. The process sees users browsing the collection, where they can filter by size, style or occasion, before selecting a delivery date and rental period (four to 16 days, but extended periods can be requested). The pieces will then be delivered and can be posted back in pre-paid returns bag.

More information on Hirestreet is available at the official website.

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