New York City is proposing to extend its most popular elevated park, the High Line, to give pedestrians access to the pathway from the recently-opened Moynihan Train Hall.

In doing so, it aims to create new public space and address community concerns about pedestrian access between Penn Station and Hudson Yards and surrounding areas. The final section of the High Line opened in June 2019, realizing an ambitious urban renewal project that has taken 20 years to complete. The newly-opened Moynihan Train Hall is located across the street from the main station in the historic James A. Farley Post Office and serves as a central hub for Amtrak and Long Island Railroad passengers.

A view of the Spur, the newest section of the High Line in New York.
The final section of the High Line opened in June 2019 © Liz Ligon/Courtesy of the High Line

Under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's proposal, an L-shaped connection will be built from the 10th Avenue terminus of the High Line to Brookfield's Manhattan West public space. The High Line will be extended eastward at 10th Avenue and 30th Street along Dyer Avenue to the mid-block between 9th and 10th Avenues, at which point it will turn north and connect into the elevated public space. The public space will then terminate on 9th Avenue directly across from the entrance to the Farley Building and Moynihan Train Hall.

This is the first phase of two planned extensions of the High Line and is designed to create more pedestrian-friendly and safer connections through Midtown West, from Moynihan Train Hall to Pier 76 in Hudson River Park. The second phase will extend the northwestern end of the High Line, which currently terminates at 34th Street and 12th Avenue, northward past the Javits Center before turning west to cross the West Side Highway and end at Pier 76.

"This will be the most ambitious redevelopment that New York City has seen in decades," says Governor Cuomo. "The beautiful Moynihan Train Hall is open, the renovation of Penn Station and this High Line extension project begin this year. This connection is part of a district-wide redevelopment of the West Side that will jumpstart the private market in a post-COVID world."

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