As a way to ease the commute, a tunnel inside King's Cross Station in London has been decorated with gin-scented posters that fill the air with rose and cucumber aromas.

Hendrick's King's Cross
The scent of rose and cucumber fills the air inside King's Cross Station ©Space

Alongside creative agency Space, Hendrick's Gin has created a "first of its kind" tunnel wrap in King's Cross St Pancras Station in the heart of London. Running through the tunnel that connects the Piccadilly and Victoria lines to the Northern Line ticket hall, the unique installation features 230-feet-long posters decorated in colourful illustrations. What's more, the posters release scented aromas that are intended to represent key botanicals from the brand's signature gin. Meaning when customers pass through the tunnel, they're greeted with the scents of rose and cucumber.

15-07-19 Hendrick's - King's Cross 10.jpg
Illustrated messages greet customers as the pass through the tunnel ©Space

Illustrated messages on the wall and floor greet "curious commuters" and invite them to "escape the conventional and embrace the delectable." James Taylor, senior brand manager for Hendrick’s Gin, said "[our] sensorial takeover of King’s Cross station and dynamic media nationwide will entice even more of the curious to experience the delightfully peculiar world of Hendrick’s Gin.”

15-07-19 Hendrick's - King's Cross 7.jpg
The campaign from Hendrick's will run until September ©Space

The posters will remain in place until September. It's part of a range of quirky promotions that Hendrick's is running this summer. Earlier this month, it launched a 'gin portal' pop-up inside an unassuming launderette in Shoreditch where customers could sample free g&t's among baskets of laundry and boxes of detergent. It also took select customers to the skies in a 65-foot hot air balloon above the Honda Celebration of Light festival in Vancouver, Canada.

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