If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own personal theatre, the Finnish government has one up for sale right now.

A picture of the entrance to the Alexander Theatre from the Boulevardi street
The Alexander Theatre, built under Tsar Alexander II, is now for sale © Senate Properties

The Alexander Theatre is one of Helsinki’s best-known landmarks. It sits 500 people - the number of officers of the local Russian garrison under Tsar Alexander II in 1879 (the year of its construction), after whom the theatre is named.

A vertical image of the Alexander Theatre hall with three storeys and red chairs
The theatre's new owner should be someone who understands its "notable cultural significance" © Senate Properties

Ever since 2005, the theatre is managed by Senate Properties, who look after the sale of government-owned buildings, and they're now looking for a buyer. The ideal new owner should be someone who truly appreciates the historic value of the Alexander Theatre, as well as its place within the Finnish capital. “We are looking for a buyer who values culture and the building's history,” says the sales manager Jenna Kiukkonen. “[Someone who is] capable and responsible.”

The overall area of the theatre - all of its three stories - and its attached offices and training halls is of around 8000 square-metres. It’s at numbers 23 to 27 on Boulevardi, a neighbourhood of the Finnish capital where most buildings are dedicated to cultural and artistic activities.

A picture of the theatre foyer with stark white walls and rich red curtains
The theatre was for a while the official rehearsal space for the Finnish National Opera © Tuomas Uusheimo / Keksi Agency

While owning a theatre sounds extremely cool, it won’t be an easy task - Senate Properties has estimated that the renovations needed by the Alexander Theatre will amount to around €40 million. “The building's technical systems and stage equipment, for example, must be renewed to meet today's expectations,” it reads on the official sale advertisement.

A picture of one of the theatre's sitting rooms with sofas, armchairs and richly decorated carpets and curtains
If you think you can take care of the Alexander Theatre you still have time to submit your offer © Tuomas Uusheimo / Keksi Agency

If you’re absolutely positive you need to own a theatre and are prepared to give it the attention it needs and deserves, then all you have to do is submit your proposal to Senate Properties by 23 October, including both the price and your plans for the future of the building. You can find all the information necessary here.

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