If you really want to push your courage to its limit this Halloween, then why not spend the spookiest night of the year in a real haunted castle?

An overlook of the Castello dal Pozzo at dusk
 The Castello dal Pozzo in Italy has opened its doors to guests for the first time just in time for Halloween © Airbnb

Legend says that the Castello dal Pozzo on the shores of Italy’s Lake Maggiore is haunted by the ghost of Barbara, the daughter of the dal Pozzo lord who ruled from the castle in the 1400s. When Barbara decided to elope with a man who wasn’t her betrothed, her father locked her up in one of the castle’s towers - and there Barbara died, before coming back to the tower and haunting it as a ghost to this day.

A Renaissance style portrait of Barbara, the ghost said to be hunting the castle
Barbara is said to be haunting the castle to this day still, after having died in the castle's tower © Airbnb

Now, two of the rooms in Barbara's tower are on Airbnb and ready to be booked for the night of Halloween - if you’re brave enough to decide to spend the night in one of them, you’ll also get to dine with the current owners of the castle, the dal Pozzo d’Annone marquises, and their guests, as well as attend a masked ball before retreating to the tower where Barbara’s ghost might still be waiting. “There are people who claim that even today they see a shadow stop at the tower’s window to look out at the lake,” said the marquises, so everything is possible.

A picture of one of the two rooms up for booking, decorated in tones of blue
Both of the rooms available can host two guests each and are located in Barbara's tower © Airbnb

Both rooms, the “Antonietta” and the “Vittoria Teresa”, can host two guests each, and they start at €50 per night. You can book them here, and if you’d like to stay at the Castello dal Pozzo without the Halloween scares they’ll be available once again come Spring 2020.

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