Hell is a small town in Michigan where you can enjoy Halloween festivities in the spooky Mayor's Lair with overnight stays in October. The Mayor's Lair is a Gothic-style home where you'll be treated to movie screenings, outdoor fire pits, pumpkin carvings and great coffee - heavenly to taste and strong enough to wake the dead, we're told. For once we'd be quite happy to 'go to Hell'.

Gates of Hell sign
Welcome to Hell ©Liz DeBold Fusco/Airbnb

John Colone, the self-proclaimed mayor of the town of Hell is keeping the spirit of Halloween alive by opening his spooky house to guests for overnight stays in October. Known as the Mayor's Lair, the Airbnb accommodation with its Gothic-style decor is the ideal place for Halloween thrills. Thankfully, there are no phenomena like rattling doors, flickering lights and unexplained voices to keep you up at night. Instead, you'll enjoy cosy Halloween traditions like pumpkin carvings, watching a scary movie on the outdoor screen or sharing ghost stories under the stars by the fire pit.

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A Gothic-style bedroom in an Airbnb rental
The Airbnb features a Gothic-style bedroom and small living area ©Liz DeBold Fusco/Airbnb

"I am the biggest Halloween fan in the world (and the underworld), so I hope that our little slice of paradise can fill fellow Halloween lovers with all of the frightful chills and spooky sensations of the season,” said John. “And to our guests and soon-to-be Mayors, I trust you’ll find that there is no place more welcoming than Hell on Earth—we can’t wait to show you a helluva good time!”

The mayor of Hell and his wife stand in front of their Airbnb property
John Colone and his wife will be on hand ©Liz DeBold Fusco/Airbnb

Located about 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Ann Arbor, Hell is an unincorporated town where anyone can be mayor. While John currently holds that position, guests who hold the keys to the Mayor's Lair will essentially fulfil his role for the night. And when not lording it over their Gothic manor, the temporary Mayors can explore the town of Hell with a bite to eat at the Hell Hole Diner, a game of mini golf, or a crunchy walk through fall foliage along one of the nearby scenic hiking trails.

Bookings will open on October 14 at midday EST on Airbnb. It sleeps two guests with a bedroom, small living area and private bathroom. Food will be provided. The offer is open to Michigan residents only from the one household in keeping with COVID-19 guidelines, with three individual, one-night reservations which will take place on October 18, 21 and 24. Each night will cost $31 (plus taxes and fees).

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